I. General Rules

a. All rules and penalties are to be enforced by the staff. Staff reserve the right to override any rules for the sake of fairness during the tournament.

b. Staff reserve the right to prohibit any player or team from participating in the tournament, as well as disqualify them for the remainder of the tournament, at staff’s discretion, due to reasons including but not limited to cheating and/or unsportsmanlike conduct.

c. Rule changes made during the tournament will apply for all matches played after the change has been made (at the staff's discretion). An announcement will be made in the Amplify discord server if and when there is a change to the ruleset.

d. All teams will have a maximum of 3 and a minimum of 2 team representatives. These player representatives will be the only ones organizing their team’s matches throughout the tournament, and no one else.

d.i. All team representatives must cooperate with the requests of the Amplify staff. Failure to cooperate will result in removal as a team representative at staff’s discretion and the team in question must find a replacement.​

e. All player representatives for each team will be added to a Discord channel. The Amplify staff will oversee the channel. All match organization is to be taken place in the channel.

f. Any sort of evidence that may result in a score change must be brought to a staff member's attention within 24 hours after the match is completed. If this requirement is not met, the evidence may not be acknowledged by staff.

g. All teams must be registered with a minimum of 8 players at all times to be considered eligible to play. Teams that have less than this amount may be forced to withdraw from the tournament.

h. Failure to comply with any of the rules in section I. will result in a warning, and possibly a forced withdrawal from the tournament depending on severity, frequency of the offence, and what the staff see fit, at staff’s discretion.

II. Registration

a. All registrations, player transfers, and friend code updates must be done through the provided Google forms.

b. Registrations must be made by a team member and include all players’ names, countries, and friend codes.

b.i. Transfers can be done by anyone, however proof of permission to transfer may be requested.

c. Players may only be registered for one team.

d. Players may only register with one friend code.

e. Players are only allowed to play for the team that they are registered for.

f. Players must be registered with a team at least 24 hours in advance of a match to be eligible to play in that match, including transfers and FC updates.

f.i. When a player transfers to a team there must be significant proof of permission from a representative of the destination team (unless they are a representative of said destination team).

g. Transfers mid-tournament to other teams may only be done once during the pool stage, and once during the bracket stage.

g.i. If a player's team disbands, the player is allowed one free transfer. This bypasses rule II.g.

h. If a player is caught playing for a team with an unregistered FC and/or invalid registration, that player will lose all of their points or receive a penalty of 150 points (whichever is greater).

h.i. Any player caught breaking rule II.h. will be disqualified for the remainder of the tournament.

III. Mii Names

a. Team tags must be visibly separated from Mii names.

Examples for Clarification:

Fλ Twonk
Twonk Fλ

b. Players must use the correct team tag in their Mii name of the team they are registered with. This includes specific characters.

b.i. If a team registers with the tag Fλ, then that exact tag must be used by all players. (FA, fA, Fa, fa would not be acceptable tags, nor any other variation using other special characters).

c. Names being used by a player may not be shared by another teammate during a match.

d. Players may not use Mii names that include profanity or offense to the other team or people outside of the match.

e. Players may not use the opposing team’s tag during a match.

f. If and only if two teams from the same team are playing each other, the team which is officially registered as Team 2 must put the character "2" after its tag (ex: If two teams from Fatal Aces played each other, Fatal Aces 1 would use the tag "Fλ" and Fatal Aces 2 would use the tag "Fλ2").

g. Failure to comply with any of the rules in section III. will result in a warning, and possibly a penalty against the player’s score (This penalty will not affect the match score).

g.i. The staff reserve the right to deem any Mii name unclear or offensive for the sake of the tournament.

IV. Hosting

a. The host team must provide the away team with the host’s friend code at least 15 minutes before the room opens.

b. The host must open the room at the scheduled time, but no later than 10 minutes after the scheduled time.

b.i. The host may not open the room before the scheduled time. If this happens, the away team may request that the room gets closed and reopened.

c. The host has the right to start the room after 10 minutes have passed since the opening of the room whether all 10 players are in the room or not.

c.i. If after 10 minutes of the room opening one or both teams do not have a sufficient amount of players to play the match, it will either be rescheduled or counted as a forfeit. Staff reserve the right to decide what will happen in this case.

d. The host is not required to have all the players from the other team added, as long as there is at least one player from the other team that is added.

d.i. If the host is caught not accepting any one or more of the away teams’ players friend requests, the host will be subject to a penalty of some form decided by staff.

e. The host must start the room with the following room settings:

f. The host must reset the room if 2 or more players from one team disconnect during a race, or after the race with not enough time to make it back into the room.

g. If a player joins the room that is not meant to play in the match, then the host must close the room and reopen the room again, setting the number of races to the amount of remaining races.

g.i. In the case that the room is reset, the host may start the match again after 5 minutes of the room being reopened, or sooner if all players are ready.

h. Failure to comply with any of the rules in section IV. will result in a warning and possibly a host ban.

V. Match Structure

a. The default match size is 5-versus-5, with 6v6 being allowed if both participating teams mutually agree.

a.i. If a team is missing one player, they have a choice of going handicapped, forfeiting the match, or requesting the staff for a reschedule. If a team is missing more than one player, they have the choice of ​forfeiting the match, or requesting the staff for a reschedule. Depending on the time, circumstances, and how it will affect both teams, staff will come to a decision on whether a reschedule should be granted or not.

b. Match duration is 12 races.

c. If there are two players missing at the track selection screen, or two players from the same team disconnect during a race, the room is to be reset and the race will not count.

d. Any race finished with at least one team missing 2 or more players will not count, and the race is to be replayed.

d.i. If there is sufficient proof that the disconnections happened in the last 15 seconds of a race then the race will be reviewed by staff to see if the race should be counted or not.

e. Players have free choice of character/vehicle combination.

f. Any team that is responsible for picking a track that has already been played will receive a 20 point penalty (with the exception of a track selected via random).

g. Lap trolling is allowed.

VI. Disconnections & Player Compensation

a. Players who disconnect but still appear on result screen will receive their bot’s points.

a.i. Rule a. is bypassed if more than 2 people from one team disconnected during the race.

b. For races that are played missing a player without the disconnected player showing on the results, each of the racers will get +1 to their score and the disconnected player will get +1 to mimic the point results of a 5v5/6v6 match.

VII. Lagging

a. Players' points may not be counted if they were lagging to an extent where it was at a significant disadvantage to the opponent(s) and/or at a significant advantage to the player.

b. Players' points may be corrected to their true values if enough proof of these true values is presented.

c. If a player consistently has game breaking lag they may be disqualified from the tournament at staff’s discretion.

VIII. Results

a. Both teams are responsible for getting pictures of the match results, and sending them to their designated match organization discord channel. They are required to let staff know of any substitutions, disconnections, etc.

b. Match results must be reported to staff in their designated match organization discord channel within 3 hours of the match’s end.

c. If neither team can provide proof of the match result, the match will be counted as a 0-0 double forfeit.

IX. Tournament Format

a. In the group stage, teams play for points in the leaderboard. The top 2 teams in each group move on to the elimination stage. If there are less than 4 groups, wildcard spots (determined by the teams with the most points that are not in the top 2 in their group) will be awarded.

a.i. If a team wins a match, they will score 2 points on the leaderboard.

a.ii. If two teams draw a match, they will each score 1 point on the leaderboard with the exception of both teams forfeiting where neither team will receive any points.

a.iii. If a team loses a match, they will not be given any points on the leaderboard.​

a.iv. If both teams have 0 or less points in a match (due to a double forfeit or penalties), neither team will be given any points on the leaderboard.

a.v. Teams are ranked within each group or the wildcard standings as follows:

a.v.1. The highest amount of points.

a.v.2. Number of wins.

a.v.3. The total number of points scored during matches in the group phase.

a.v.4. The least total number of points scored by opponents during matches in the group phase.

b. In the elimination stage, teams are eliminated after losing two matches. In the case of a double forfeit, the rules under IX.a.v. apply to determine the winner, with matches from both the group stage and the elimination stage taken into account.

b.i. In the case of a tied match between two teams, staff will ask the teams to do the following:

b.i.1. Play an additional GP of 4 races.

b.i.2. If the second GP is tied, the teams must play single races until the match is no longer tied.

X. Incomplete Matches

a. If a team can not complete a match, and the staff has agreed that there is an acceptable excuse, the match results will be whatever races have been played, or will result in a draw, or the remainder of the match may be played at a later time, at staff’s discretion.

a.i. If there is not an acceptable excuse, decided by staff, then it will be a forfeit for the team ineligible to complete their match.

b. Should the races played result in a draw during the elimination stage, the rules under IX.a.v. apply to determine the winner, with matches from both the group stage and the elimination stage taken into account.

c. If a team consistently shows difficulty in completing their matches, they may be disqualified at staff’s discretion.

XI. Rescheduling & Replays

a. Matches are to take place at the scheduled date/time unless both teams are in agreement (due to reasons approved by staff) to play at a different date/time that precedes both of their next elimination stage matches (if any) originally scheduled date/time by at least 2 hours.

a.i. In the group stage, reschedules may take place at any time before the elimination stage.

a.ii. The scheduled date/time may be changed if it interferes with a team’s normal availability or other league’s (MKU, WL, 7L) schedule.

b. If both teams agree to reschedule a match, for a reason approved by staff, the new match date/time will override the original date/time for that match.

c. Should a scheduled match coincide with a country's national or religious holiday, both teams are to play at a mutually agreed date/time. Should both teams fail to reach an agreement, they are to play at a date/time set by staff.

d. Match results must be reported to staff in their designated match organization discord channel within 3 hours of the match’s end.

XII. Forfeits

a. If a team forfeits a match, the match is to be scored 100-0 in disfavor of the team that forfeited.

b. If two teams forfeit a match, the match is to be scored as a 0-0, with both teams considered having lost the match.

c. If a team forfeits too many times, as determined by staff, they may be disqualified for the remainder of the tournament.

XIII. Disqualifications & Withdrawals

a. Any future match results for disqualified or withdrawn teams will be scored 100-0 in disfavor of the disqualified or withdrawn team.

a.i. Any previous match results for the group stage involving disqualified or withdrawn teams will be scored 100-0 in disfavor of the disqualified or withdrawn team.

b. Any future match results in which two disqualified or withdrawn teams play each other will be scored as 0-0. Both teams will receive 0 points for the match on the leaderboard.

c. Any individual points for players of disqualified or withdrawn teams will be removed.

d. Any members of a withdrawing team may have a free transfer.

We would like to acknowledge MKU, WL, and MKWC for providing a basis for the ruleset for Amplify 2017.

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