Welcome to Amplify 2017, an online tournament for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe hosted by community members Twonk and Jazzy. 16 teams competed for the top spot in this exciting event!

Tournament Info

Amplify 2017 has finished! Congratulations to High Definition for placing first, and thanks to all 16 teams for participating.

The tournament started on September 30, 2017 and finished on November 12, 2017.


Week 6 - November 11th to 12th

The final week of the tournament was as exciting as ever! Three teams remained at the start of this weekend but only one would win.

In the losers bracket finals, Zealous emerged with a strong victory over Divine Phoenix, winning by 116 points. Daxx was the MVP of the match, scoring 91 points over 12 races.

The grand finals saw Zealous take on High Definition in an extremely close match. Zealous took a small lead which they held for most of the match, but HD's perseverance gave them the lead after the 11th race, which they held to the end. High Definition takes victory in Amplify 2017! The MVP of the final match was Soldier, with a score of 94 points.

Week 5 - Saturday, October 28th

We're now down to three teams! This week was an intense battle with two teams being eliminated and others still fighting for victory. Here's how things fared:

In the first match, Divine Phoenix showed no mercy to Tuestame la Tostada, eliminating TT and scoring 436 points in one of the tournament's biggest victories. DVP then went on to eliminate yet another team in their match against Hyrule Clan. A close match, DVP won by taking the lead from Hyrule Clan in the final race.

This week's final match saw Zealous lose to High Definition, giving HD a spot in the championship and Zealous a chance at making it to the finals as they challenge Divine Phoenix in their next match. Good luck to all our remaining teams!

Week 4 - Saturday, October 21st

Week 4 marks the start of the elimination round! To recap, teams that lose their first match in this phase move to the losers bracket, where they face elimination upon losing just one more match. Let's get right to the action!

In Round 1 of the elimination phase, 4 matches were played, pairing up each of the 8 remaining teams. Firstly, Zealous won a close match against World Friend, and so WF will face elimination in their subsequent matches. Tuestame la Tostada scored over 400 points to dominate their match against Rozando la Katastrofe, knocking RK down to the losers bracket. Hyrule Clan upset Divine Phoenix in a 74-point victory, setting a path for both teams. To close out Round 1, High Definition won by a landslide against Mushroom Team to move MT down.

In the second round of the winners bracket, Zealous emerged victorious over Tuestame la Tostada, and will progress to the winners bracket final match. They will take on High Definition to compete for a championship spot, who defeated Hyrule Clan by over 80 points.

The first round of the losers bracket saw World Friend eliminate Rozando la Katastrofe in a match decided by only 12 points. WF unfortunately went on to lose against Hyrule Clan in the next round of the losers bracket, eliminiating them from the tournament. The final matchup this week saw Divine Phoenix overcome their initial loss with a win of their own, ending Mushroom Team's run in this tournament.

Week 3 - Saturday, October 14th

Week 3 is complete, and this brings the end of the group stage! 8 teams will move forward—let's take a look!

First is Group A. Zealous squeaked by Hyrule Clan with a mere 8-point win, taking the higher seed, with both teams moving on. Meanwhile, Victory Road forfeit to Black Wolves, although this week was the end for both of them.

In Group B, like Group A, only one match got played. Divine Phoenix beat World Friend, scoring 384 points, with both teams continuing. Yoshi Family and Rainbow Fun will end their journey here, with the last match resulting in a forfeit for YF.

Group C had High Definition make a commanding victory against Tuestame la Tostada, winning by a grand total of 162 points. These two teams will advance, with a double forfeit for Banana Legion and Shells From Hell marking the end of these two teams' run.

Group D was the only group this week with both matches being played. Fatal Aces lost to Mushroom Team by 80 points, eliminating them from the tournament while providing MT the second-place spot in their group. Rozando la Katastrofe dominated over Aurora; their 146-point win gave RK the higher seed in the group.

Week 2 - Saturday, October 7th

Amplify 2017 continued with another great week on the racetracks! After week 2 of the group stage, some teams clinched a spot in the elimination stage, while the results of this week mean some teams will play their final match next week.

Group A saw Hyrule Clan stack up a 244-point win against Black Wolves, securing Hyrule Clan a spot on the elimination bracket and knocking out Black Wolves. Similarly, Zealous made it through the group stage with a big win over Victory Road!

As crucial as Group A's results were Group B's. Divine Phoenix and World Friend will be the two teams moving on, with their respective wins over Yoshi Family and Rainbow Fun.

Only one of the two matches in Group C got played. As a result, no team in this group clinched an advancing spot after the second week. The lone match played in Group C was that of High Definition scoring 400 points to claim victory over Banana Legion.

In Group D, Mushroom Team got their much-needed first win in a close match against Aurora. Fatal Aces unfortunately forfeited against Rozando la Katastrofe, resulting in a guaranteed bracket spot for RK.

Week 1 - Saturday, September 30th

The first week of the tournament started smoothly and with plenty of high-speed action! Each of the four groups had two matchups, for a total of eight matches played this past Saturday.

In Group A, Zealous came out with an easy win over Black Wolves to secure a lead and big point differential. Victory Road lost to Hyrule Clan by 100 points even, including a 20-point penalty widening the gap.

Group B saw Divine Phoenix defeat Rainbow Fun by 156 points. World Friend was able to top that difference with a massive 212-point win over Yoshi Family.

Over in Group C, Shells From Hell held up well against the strong High Definition, but not enough to pull off a win. Tuestame la Tostada scored over 400 points in their match against Banana Legion, easily securing the lead in their group.

Finally, we have Group D. Fatal Aces pulled off this week's highest score, tallying up 465 points for a 234-point win over Aurora. This week's final match saw Rozando la Katastrofe edge past Mushroom Team in Week 1's closest match, putting them 2nd in their group.

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